7 Ways To Save On Party Decorations.

happy birthday glitz 80th

We often put those all important celebrations on hold when we’re on a tight budget but do we really need to? My answer is of course not!  Having a party does not have to be expensive. A large part of the budget is often swallowed up by balloons, banners, tableware, decorations and other party items. Now let’s face it, it’s important that the room looks the part but this can be achieved without breaking the bank and the best part is that it is your guests will never know!

Firstly, pick your party and colour theme to ensure the party decorations are well coordinated. Once you are clear on this, you can use the following tips to help you save.

  1. Table Decorations on Alternate Tables – The table decorations at a party have the most impact as your guests walk in and can provide the wow factor to the overall look of the room but you do not have to have table decorations on every table to achieve the desired impact. Placing centerpieces such as bunches of balloons on alternate tables instead of every table can cut your budget for table decorations in half!
  2. Less Balloons In A Bunch – In general balloons are tied in clusters of 3 for table decorations. Reducing the cluster size to only have 2 balloons on a table will cut your balloon budget by a third! The trick is to still keep the top balloon at the height you would have tied it if there were 3 balloons on a cluster to not impact on the overall look of the room.
  3. Mix Themed tableware With Plain Colours – Tableware can be very expensive, especially when your theme uses licence children’s TV characters such as Mickey Mouse. Why not mix it up a little with cheaper plain coloured products that fit into the colour scheme of your theme. This will still look great, be cheaper and will not impact the overall look of your party. An example would be to have mickey mouse table covers with plain red or blue coloured napkins and add in printed cups but keep the plates a plain colour. After all the plates will be covered with food soon enough!
  4. DIY Balloon Weights – Balloon weights are relatively inexpensive but the cost still adds up. Why not make your own? There are many ways this can be done, for example using cheap favor boxes and filling them with sand or stones, or using something heavy like potatoes and cover with wrapping paper. This way you can create an inexpensive party weight and personalise it to your theme.
  5. Mix Themed Balloons With Plain Colours – Printed balloons are generally more expensive than plain coloured. It would be much cheaper to mix plain coloured balloons with printed balloons. For example, for a 50th birthday celebration with a blue and silver colour theme, you can mix a printed blue 50th balloon with plain blue or silver balloons. This way, you can keep within the theme of the party and cut your budget easily.
  6. Buy Locally – How many times have you seen things online that look amazing in pictures but they’re not quite what you thought they are when they arrive. You then either have to return the item which costs more money or settle. When on a budget, it’s better to buy locally. This way you you can touch, feel and see the items and this gives you a better understanding of the product and helps tap into your creative side to visualize and see how to utilize them to make less look more.
  7. Use Air Instead Of Helium – Helium ensures balloons float and gives your balloons height but it is an expensive gas. There are a number of ways you can achieve impact and height without using helium. This includes inflating the balloons with air and creating balloon stacks. There are also shaped foil balloons which include letters and numbers that are suitable for air and are designed to be hung. These are a fantastic way to create a real impact and are less than half the price of some helium balloons. Further to this many of them are re-usable and can be kept and used for future parties.

Don’t Stop Celebrating!

With uncertain times ahead and the constant price increases it is hard not to want to cut back on the finer things in life but this does not mean you have to stop celebrating those special occasions with friends and family. The moments and memories that are created when we get together are the finer things in life and these can still be created on a budget, you just need to be a little creative when it comes to party decorations. Great memories and parties can be created on a budget and we are always here to help!

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